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Napa Oaks is an exceptionally designed neighborhood project hidden amongst the oaks and a 50-acre recreational preserve in the western hills of Napa Valley.


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Napa Oaks is an exceptionally designed neighborhood project hidden amongst the oaks and a 50-acre recreational preserve in the western hills of Napa Valley.  Davidon Homes has gone through extraordinary lengths to listen and resolve issues in a community orientated way, and thanks to the community’s input this project has evolved into a remarkable project unlike any other in the City of Napa. 

The property consists of four parcels totaling 81 acres located off of Old Sonoma Road, located within the City limits and inside the Rural Urban Limit line (RUL).  The RUL was established in early 1970’s in an agreement between the County and the City, where both agreed that inside the RUL is where housing and urban development shall be, and outside shall remain greenbelt and agricultural preserve.    

The project design effectively takes advantage of previously graded areas of the property performed by the previous owner in the 1960’s. Fifty-one (51) homes are clustered on the previously cleared and flattened areas and the roads are designed to follow the previously graded ranch roads.  This is a unique benefit that significantly reduces the grading and environmental impacts of the project.


The homes will be tucked amongst existing and newly planted oaks, and consciously located within the topography of the site, so that visibility of the homes from Napa Valley is effectively eliminated. From the Carneros side, only a few rooftops can be seen from very limited points on Old Sonoma Road.  Protecting the viewshed was the number one concern raised by the community, and we have succeeded in making sure there is no impact to the viewshed.


The project preserves 50 acres onsite, or 62% of the site, as open space.  Approximately 2 miles of trails and pathways will meander through the open space, with picnic tables and benches located throughout to take of advantage of spectacular views not available anywhere else in all of Napa. This trail system along with a highly amenitized trailhead, including a parking lot, play structures for kids of all ages, a lawn & picnic area, and a unique outdoor exercise facility, will all be open for the public’s use.

In addition to the 50 acres onsite, the project preserves 29 acres offsite.  The 29-acre offsite preserve, extends the entire ridgeline from Old Sonoma Road north to the “Happy Face” house.  This combined 79-acre preservation, will permanently guard the existing oak woodlands and wildlife habitat, while forever protecting one (1) mile of westerly viewshed. 

Napa Oaks also provides many other public benefits including implementing a roundabout on Old Sonoma Road, fulfilling a gap in the City-wide water system, partnering with Napa Resource Conservation District (RCD) in implementing its Acorns to Oaks program, and offering to partner with the Gasser Foundation in providing offsite workforce housing immediately. 


The project has been designed and fully vetted by the experts in regard to safety and impacts to environment, and it exceeds the highest standards, specifically when it comes to fire safety and seismic evaluation and design. 

Davidon has addressed all of the technical concerns raised over the past several years, and the project offers an estimated $15 million in immediate public benefits to the City of Napa.  In a time when housing is the leading issue in Napa, Napa Oaks provides immediate housing at multiple levels, while furthering environmental protections, implementing pedestrian and vehicle safety improvements, providing better drinking water and improved fire suppression,  and invests in  community, recreation, education and much more. 



Kevin Teague, Napa Land Use Attorney, Planning Commission, December 7,  2017


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Napa Oaks has been designed to preserve and protect views of the hillside, as depicted in the before and after images below.


What you will see from the Carneros region

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The secluded enclave of homes with rich architecture will be unlike any other neighborhood in Napa.  The homes will be nestled on lots that average
just under a half-acre.  With various architectural styles, color and material schemes, not one home will be identical within the neighborhood



The following timeline describes the evolution of the Napa Oaks Project



The Napa Oaks design utilizes areas previously graded areas in the 1950's and 1960's to effectively cluster the
homes and locate roads, significantly reducing the grading and environmental impacts of the project.

City adopts the 1975 General Plan, allowing up to 2 units per acre on the Napa Oaks property.

City initiates Envision Napa 2020 planning effort.                                                                                          

City completes the Envision Napa 2020 Concept Report.                                                                                          

March 1994:  
Concept Report finalized incorporating City Council's Vision and community input for Envision Napa 2020. No request was made to change the designation of the Napa Oaks property.                                                                    

January 26, 1996:        
Davidon enters into purchase agreement for 70.2-acre Napa Oaks parcel, APN 043-040-025.  Escrow closes August 25, 2000.                                                         

April 23, 1996:             
Davidon acquires 3095 Old Sonoma Road, 7.8-acre property.  Escrow closes August 1, 1996.                                                     

October 4, 1996: 
City releases Envision Napa 2020 General Plan Draft EIR.                                                                

October 12, 1996:       
Davidon enters into purchase agreement for 3027 Old Sonoma Road, 1.2 acres.  Escrow closes October 2, 2000.                                                     

October 31, 1996:       
Davidon acquires 211 Casswall St. and 491 Casswall St.  Escrow closes Nov. 25, 1996.                                                     

 December 2, 1996:        
Envision Napa 2020 General Plan DEIR public comment period ends with 41 written and 7 oral communication constituting 344 separate comments received. Not one comment received mentioned changing Napa Oaks property zoning.                                            

City prepares an Envision Napa 2020 General Plan Revised Draft EIR to address issues.                                                     

October 20, 1997:       
Davidon submits an application for Napa Oaks for 85 homes. The application is deemed complete.                                                    

October 27, 1997:       
Davidon acquires 3100 Old Sonoma Road, 34.9 acres.  Escrow closes Jan. 6, 1998.                                                            

April 24, 1998:               
City publishes the Envision Napa 2020 General Plan FEIR/Response to Comments on the Revised Draft EIR.                                                

December 1, 1998:        
City issues Addendum to the Envision Napa 2020 Final EIR.                                                                                     

June 26, 1998:              
Planning Commission hearing for Envision Napa 2020 General Plan.  Recommends 17 amendments, including adding a new designation called Resource Area (RA). This the first time any discussion occurs to change the use of the Napa Oaks property.                                                      

September 1998:                       
City releases the Napa Oaks Draft EIR.                                                                                 

October 6, 1998:                       
Davidon submits letter disagreeing with Planning Commission recommendation.                                                        

October 13, 1998:         
City Council hearing for Envision Napa 2020 General Plan. Accepts only 3 of 17 Planning Commission recommendations, two of which are specific to the Napa Oaks property:
1) The Resource Area (RA) designation was created and defined to allow a maximum of one dwelling unit per acre after discretionary review by the City. 
2) The RA designation was placed on the Napa Oaks property (pod123), the only property within the entire City. 

October 28, 1998:         
Davidon submits letter disagreeing to General Plan change.                                                             

December 1,1998:         
City adopts 1998 Envision Napa 2020 General Plan, changing property zoning from max 172 units to 11 units.                                            

Davidon revises Napa Oaks to 64 homes after comments received from public.                                                                 

Aug 2002:                     
City publishes the Napa Oaks Final EIR.                                                                                             

Dec 3, 2002:                  
City Council denies revised 63 lot Napa Oaks project.                                                                                              

Davidon files lawsuit against the City for violating Davidon's vested property rights.                                                             

Court of Appeals rules City acted inappropriately in applying the new zoning to the  property, but still had the discretion to deny the project.                                                  

March 31, 2011:                       
Davidon submits Napa Oaks II application for 54 homes.                                                                                 

October 2, 2015:                       
Davidon revises Napa Oaks II to 53 homes after the August 2014 Napa Earthquake.                                                             

September 22, 2017:       
Davidon submits revised Napa Oaks II for 51 homes, eliminating visibility from Napa Valley, increasing open space, preserving more trees and adds the roundabout and trailhead.